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Configuring Windows Xp for Bangla
  • To view Bengali you need to install Windows complex script support (Bangla and all east Asian languages) on your operating system
  • "complex script"  is not installed in Windows by default. Users need to install this support manually till Windows Xp (Windows Vista installs this by default).
  • At first download IComplex 2.0.0 (Full Edition). Click here to download 
  • After Download install and configure

Unicode Fonts configaration for Bangla
  • Download free bangla unicode fonts.
  • we recommend you to use the following fonts for best view [Priority high to low]: SolaimanLipi,Siyam Rupali, AponaLohit, Bangla,  Likhan and Vrinda.
  • Download SolaimanLipi font from here for latest version.
  • Download Siyam Rupali font from here for latest version.
  • Now you are ok to see bangla correctly, just setup your web browser  

Configuring Web Browser for Bangla

What is your web browser click below 

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