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Opera Browser Configuration for Bangla

Opera Browser Configuration for Bangla
1. In Opera press CTRL+F12 (together), it should bring the options menu. Alternatively you can goto "Tools" menu and then "Preferences"
2. In general tab, click on the Details button.
Here we will add Bangla to Opera. Click the Add button.

3. Select Bangla/বাংলা from the list and OK.
4. Now go to "Advanced" tab and choose "Fonts" on the left pan. Then find the "International Font" button and click on that.
5. In the Writing System, choose "Bengali" and under "Normal font", you should see the Bangla fonts installed in your system. From the list, choose "Siyam Rupali"
6. Click OK. Close the Preference dialog box. Your Opera Browser is now ready to perfectly render Bangla web pages.

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